Even though running a store from the comfort of your own home is a very tempting idea for most people, it is not as simple as it sounds. Making a good first impression is of vital importance, since a poorly designed website doesn’t usually have many customers return. Here are a few ecommerce websites for you to learn from and see what you need to do to have a successful online store as well.

  1. JOCO Cups

Something that this ecommerce website has is a “Why JOCO” page. The owner uses this page to educate his customers about the product that he is selling and how his customers and the planet can benefit from buying his reusable cup, while also telling them why this product would be an amazing gift for a friend or family member. The owner of the ecommerce uses this page as an up-sell, which is something for you to take from- feature your products on as many of the pages as you can to attract even more customers.

  1. Drink for Good

This ecommerce website has a very fresh and cheerful design and it is all for a good cause. The bottles that they sell have a very creative and eye-catching design and they vary from bottles with a minimal design to ones that are very colorful, and they also have a very bold selling proposition- “Drink for Good- the only cause bottles you need. Something to take away from this ecommerce is that if your shop is one that donates to charity or uses and sells sustainable products, then it is a very good idea to display this on your homepage since this converts very well.

  1. Oyster

When you open this ecommerce website instead of seeing a bunch of book names listed on the homepage, the creators chose to focus on a feeling, in this particular case the feeling of relaxing in bed with a great book. They have a “Gift” button on their ecommerce and this is a great way for any website to increase user activity. Something else that is very unique about this site is that if you do chose to visit the Gift page, the first thing you see is a great message instead of only the books themselves. This website also frequently updates their blog and review sections, which is a very good clever thing to do.

Going through other ecommerce websites is the perfect way for anyone aspiring to create their own online store to get inspiration, ideas, and most importantly to see what does and does not look good from a customer’s point of view, since when you visit these websites, you also visit them as a customer.

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