When speaking about online shopping, probably on branch of products is has more online sales than clothing. Most people now a days don’t bother going into shops anymore and they simply do all of their clothes shopping from the comfort of their own home. But when it comes to a fashion ecommerce website, the way it is designed is very important. Here are 3 fashion ecommerce websites for you to get some tips from.

  1. Nordstrom

Nordstrom’s ecommerce website if one of the best ones out there, especially when it comes to its product page which is highly optimized and very well designed and also allows customers to find everything on it, from product information to reviews. Something that is special about this site is that there is a “see fit information from our customers” link which redirects the users to the customer reviews located beneath. Apart from this, they also offer a feature called “True fit” which allows customers to find the right fit for them, which is a very useful feature to have in the clothing industry. Nordstrom also offers free shipping, which is one of the most important things people look for when shopping online.

  1. Harrods

The ecommerce website of Harrods is designed in a very clever way with a bunch of different buttons that attract the customer’s attention. There are small “Brands”, “Customer care” and “Favorites” fields that follow the users as they scroll up and down the page, which is both useful and time efficient. Right above the footer, the website has different image categories that are very beautifully displayed and are very tempting for customers to click on. Their home page is designed in a pretty simple and self-explanatory way, so that it features the latest collections that the ecommerce offers, some products that are worthy to be on any customer’s wish list, and even links to the ecommerce’s street style advice.

  1. Nasty Gal

Probably the first thing that you notice when you open this ecommerce website is the “What’s new” section, which is really helpful as the customers are a click away from all of the latest items that the site offers that can also be sorted by using filters, including price, color and size. As the customer scrolls down, they’re constantly accompanied by the “Live chat” button where they can ask for help about anything from product sizing, shipping or even get style advice. The style advice that customers can get from the live chat is probably one of the smartest and most important features on this ecommerce, since it can usually mean the difference between a sale and a customer leaving the site without a purchase.

As one of the leading ecommerce websites in the fashion industry, they are the perfect place for anyone starting out to get tips from, or even for someone that is just looking to update their own ecommerce. Make sure that you design your site in a way that will be easy for customers to navigate and good looking enough to inspire them to keep shopping, and you are on the right track.


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