Many people think that running an online store is a lot easier than running a store in the real world, but things are not as simple as they sound. When people shop online, they have a plethora of choices between hundreds of other ecommerce websites. That is why it is very important that you capture your customers the second they open your website and having a great design is the best way to do that. To help you out, we’ve put together five websites whose design is perfect to take inspiration from.

  1. Oki-Ni

The one thing that people don’t get when shopping online is the assistance of employees. That is why this company has made sure to put as many product pictures as possible for each item they sell that show every detail of the product. This is a great thing to do as it really gives your customers the feeling that you are helping them out.

  1. Steven Alan

If there is one thing that you can take away from this ecommerce’s design is that sometimes less is more. The site has a brilliant and very simple design, with no banners or scripts that can be distracting to the customers. Instead, everything is clean, neat and has a very modern feel to it.

  1. Shoe Scribe

Even though this ecommerce website is specifically for shoes, we are featuring it because of how perfectly the categories on it are structured. There are separate categories on everything from the usual style, color and heel, to trends and even the right occasions to wear different specific types of shoes that the site offers.

  1. Everlane

This is the perfect ecommerce website to check out if you are looking for inspiration for your product page. They make sure that every customer that lands on their product page knows exactly how each product feels and fits and this is because the company is very transparent and have no problem explaining exactly why their products have the low price tag that they do.

  1. Chicwish

The two things that customers usually look for are affordable clothes and free shipping, and sadly this is often an impossible combination to come across. This ecommerce website however, is the exception. They have succeeded in being a successful online store that sells affordable clothes, offers free shipping and it does it all without having an unnecessarily flashy design.

Whether you decide to offer your customers free shipping, or put tons of product pictures for each product that you offer, going with either one of these little tips can surely help you run a successful ecommerce website. The most important thing, however, is to make sure you know your customers and give them exactly what they want.


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